Linux C and Windows C++ programmer seeking telecommute job


i have 5 years of experience in C programming under Linux and C++ under Windows (MSVC++ 6.0).

I seek a telecommute job, however, i am ready to move to any place in the world.

I have worked on several freeware projects in Linux for KDE, Kernel and
GNU software.

I am working on an AMD x686 machine with Linux and Windows XP installed.

Payment depends on job. Longterm job engagement preferred.

Looking forward to hear from you.


  • I am in need of some Linux c and C++ programmer. I can provide u job. I am from Bangalore, India. My e-mail address is:

    My mobile no is: 9731454810.

    Please contact me asap. If I cannot receive the phone u just send me sms I will reply you.

    ---- Bye Joha
  • Hi,

    We are looking for a person strong in linux. This is a freelance project and high possibility of leading to a full time job.
    Ours is a UK based company and recently opened a division in India.

    Could you email me back on and send me your mobile no.

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