adding sound to your game

My friend steve and I are making a game. Steve is currently looking into BGI graphics. I know their old but we are still going to use BGI.

Adding sound to the game:

I am looking at adding sound to the game. On the windows platform I Have directX. I have looked into that. Now for windows directx is a good solution for adding sound. You may use DirectMusic to load and play a midi file and I think also a wave file.

Here are some resources to learning DirectMusic:

Microsoft Development Network:

Heres good resource for begginners:

Make sure you download the SDK (Standard Development kit)

Users on linux:

Now since directx was created by microsoft how will you use sound in your game in linux? I'm begginner to programming in linux but learning. So far i've come across a new method for adding sound (havent tried yet). Its called VSS (Virtual Sound Server). Now VSS utilizes the network for adding sound. Meaning you could send sound over the network and have all clients that connect to the sound server listen to the same music. You could also not listen to the sound remotly. You could make the clients connect locally and do the same as listening to the sound remotly. It is platform independant. VSS could work on linux and windows. I find that an advantage over DirectMusic.

Anyway I only have one resource so far and here is is:

I wish I could start coding but on my personal computer i'm setting up multiboot operating systems. I'm setting up Mandrake Linux 9.2, Windows 98SE, and Windows XP Professional. But first moving all of my critical data to the slave which the size is 89 gigs excluding the 40 gigs partitioned for Linux Distrobutions.



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