animation code in J2ME

hi there i am new to J2ME and would like to know how to create an animation in J2ME? i have 5 images and would like to traverse then to achieve the animation.. i know i need an array and thread but i'm not too sure on how to implement it.. can someone enlighten me? :D

this is what i have done:
import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
import java.util.*;

class Explosion implements Runnable
private Thread thread;
private int height, width;
private int y, x;
private GameCanvas canvas;
private Image imgCollection[]= new Image[4], bomb1, bomb2, bomb3, bomb4, bomb5;
private int imageNum = 0;

public Explosion(GameCanvas c){
canvas = c;
x=(canvas.getWidth()/12); //mid-way x
System.out.println("width: " + x);
y=(canvas.getHeight()*2/7)-2; //mid-way y
System.out.println("height: " + y);

bomb1 = null;
bomb2 = null;
bomb3 = null;
bomb4 = null;
bomb5 = null;

try {
bomb1 = Image.createImage("/bomb1.png");
bomb2 = Image.createImage("/bomb2.png");
bomb3 = Image.createImage("/bomb3.png");
bomb4 = Image.createImage("/bomb4.png");
bomb5 = Image.createImage("/bomb5.png");
} catch(IOException e){

try {
imgCollection[0] = bomb1;
imgCollection[1] = bomb2;
imgCollection[2] = bomb3;
imgCollection[3] = bomb4;
imgCollection[4] = bomb5;
} catch(IOException e){

public void startThread(){
Thread t = new Thread(this);

public void run() {
while(true) {
try {
if(imageNum > 7){
imageNum = 0;
} catch(Exception e){}


public void paint(Graphics g){
g.drawImage(imgCollection[imageNum], canvas.getWidth()/6,canvas.getHeight()*2/7+5,Graphics.TOP|Graphics.HCENTER);

is this correct? i get a exception is never thrown in body of corresponding try statement
} catch(IOException e){ :confused:
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