COM-objects that doesn't release

I have problems with a COM-object.
The COM-object is created in a loop. First it is created, then values are put in, then a function is called, finally the object is set to nothing.
The webbserver is a Windows Server 2000, IIS, .NET Framework 1.1. First I had a .NET RCW and called the COM-object from a .NET class. But now I've made a test from an ordinary ASP-page instead, same result.
It works about 20-25 times and then the object put values into the wrong variables and then I get a server exception. This server exception might come up when an object is "occupied". After a couple of hours we can run it again. I guess that's when some objects have been released after a timeout.
Everything works fine on my devserver and on the devserver of the company who built the component. But it doesn't work on the webbserver.
Are there any settings in IIS that decide when a COM-object is released or reused?

Patrik Dahln
PD Consulting
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