Re: Invitation to Corewar

Hello all.

I want to promote a programming game named COREWAR, because this year is its 20th anniversary. The origins of the game are from a "Computer Recreations" article that A.K.Dewdney published on Scientific American in 1984. The idea is that we have a small memory area named "the Core" where two or more programs, written in a small assembly language named "Redcode", try to terminate all the processes of the opponents in order to get the sole possession of the virtual machine named "MARS" (Memory Array Redcode Simulator). The original articles written by A.K.Dewdney can be found at and they can be a good start!

I was 15 when I read the first article about Corewar, and I was just approaching the assembly language. I was immediately involved in the idea, and I think that many of you will do, too. Despite of its age, the Corewar Community is still alive. You can check the newsgroup for the latest news; the home of Corewar is while the most comprehensive site about Corewar is, in my opinion, where you can find the links to all the resources you need.

The game has not been promoted for years, and assembly programming is not so popular as it was 20 years ago; anyway I think that the game is really worth playing, so this is why I am promoting it here.

Best regards.
Achille Astolfi.

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