What kind of Intros/Demos do you prefer?

To give this Board a fresh impuls,I want to do a posting belonging in here;)

Id like to know,which kind of intro/demo you prefer to write/watch.Are there still people focusing on the old-school-stuff like little tricky .com things (<512b) or do you prefer bigger things.Do you think,4ks focusing dos-platform are obsolete?Most(all?) demo-partys dont provide a dos-platform to support those things like sb16 for sound or unreal-cpu-mode.But in my oppinion those stuff shows best the coding-skillz of the artist.

What do you think bout 4kz without sound?sure,theres enough room for a stupid boom-boom,but a kick-ass-visual-experience isnt bad,too ;)

Are there any special tools youre prefering for creating demos/intros?I work with VC++/OGL for the win32-platform and (pure) tasm for dos.most things are calculated at runtime...


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