I have two tables with the following data in them
switch_id iport oport
5 9 20
5 2 -1
5 12 13

switch_id type start_port end_port
5 DTMF 31 40
5 ISDN 1 3
5 ISDN 4 10
5 SS7 11 30

I need to read through each record in web_monitor, grab the correct type based on the ports and count each of those ports.

The output I'm trying to get is...
total_active_ports switch type
2 5 isdn
3 5 ss7

But, using the below statement, I'm getting these results...
total_active_ports switch type
2 5 isdn
2 5 ss7

SELECT count(web_monitor.switch_id) as switch_id_count,web_monitor.switch_id, type
from web_monitor,web_monitor_type where status <> 'Last Updated:'
and ((iport >= start_port and iport <= end_port)
or (oport >= start_port and oport <= end_port))
group by web_monitor.switch_id, type
order by web_monitor.switch_id, type

It wont allow me to count the same row multiple times to give me an accurate total.

Any idea how to get around this?

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