function of DSP in Sound Card

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can any body please help me in understanding the function of the DSP in the sound card.

in recording
analog signal--->A/D--->FIFO Buffer--->program handling.

and in playback

Digital samples--->FIFO buffer--->D/A--->Speaker out for uncompressed data.

This is what I know.

If DSP is used for some kind of floating point operations(FFT) please be kind enough to share it with me


  • hello

    DSP: digital signal processing

    basically, the signal chain you noted, is correct, but a standard soundcard is capable of doing a few things more: first of all: volume and panning: this happens in digital domain, thus called DSP.

    Most cards also do handle hardware mixing: mixing different sources onboard (thus called DSP) - mostly accessed trough DirectSound. The better ones are capable of doing 3D sound (not to be confused with surround): this means applying filtering and delay to 3D sound sources before mixing to 2 channel output, simulating 3D positionning. (mostly used by 3D games).
    Last but not least: some audio cards do decode Dolby, MPEG and/or DTS streams, obvious called DSP.

    All these functions are are accessible through appropriate drivers (eg DirectSound), and thouse can list the DSP-functions your soundcard can handle, and even emulate them if there is no hardware support

    I hope this explanation was helpfull to you


  • thanks Tom,
    the information was very help full,
    I wonder if some audio cards decode dolby and Mpeg.. is there any feature in any sound card that has the hardware to determine the spectrum of the sound signal activated by some instruction, any info in this regard will be of great help.


    Best Regards

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