New Version of the Matisse Post-Relational SQL Database

Matisse 7 brings now to market many of the promised features of "Yukon",the next version of SQL Server.

Matisse Software today announced the immediate availability of its Post-Relational SQL database, the next-generation data management solution to build and deploy cost effective database applications.

Matisse 7 is designed to help organizations manage and protect explosive data growth while controlling costs without compromising security and reliability. This new version of Matisse aims to increase the productivity of developers, as well as to simplify database management.

While many .NET developers have been waiting for the much touted "Yukon";, the next version of SQL Server, we are proud to bring to the market today the next-generation of database products that include many of the promised features for database administration and development that "Yukon"; aims to deliver in the future. For instance, with Matisse 7, we already support database mirroring, XML, objects, and advanced full-text search and we also have features such as notification services, an integrated toolset and advanced support of ADO.NET.

Matisse 7 is the ultimate database for .NET as it natively bridges SQL with .NET objects and XML documents. Matisse greatly simplifies the architecture of applications by integrating its unique reusable SQL components technology with the Visual Studio .NET environment. This feature alone cuts the size of the application code by 30% to 50%, thus paying off in terms of faster time-to-market due to shorter database development cycles. In addition, Matisse delivers lower TCO due to lower maintenance requirements, and higher overall database performance.

Matisse 7 also streamlines the migration path from/to external data management systems with its extended capabilities for extraction, transformation and loading of data from Relational or XML sources into a Matisse database.

A new Enterprise Manager tool has been designed to better expose the simplicity and self-healing capabilities built in the product. Matisse makes administrators more productive by ensuring the optimum level of performance all the time and thus removing tedious administration tasks from DBAs daily routines.

The Matisse DBMS is available for downloading at

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