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Hi all,

I looked on the internet to fine some good beginner tutorial on win32 api programming to create my first C++ programs for windows. I'm tired off the black dos screens. I also know visual basic but damn they told me it is not good enough. So I wanne learn C++ for windows.

Now all the tutorials I found use resource files to create buttons and stuff. But I do not like that. I wanne create them without them. Are there any tutorials that I can use to create some c++ classes that can create buttons and stuff instead of resource files.

so that I can do something like

button = new cbutton;

in other words pure C++ code for windows programming..

Are there good tutorials on the net for this?

many tanks.



  • Well, resources simplify very much your work, expecially if you need to create some complicated dialogs or if you want to create multi-language software.
    Anyhow if you want to create things manually use CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx.


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