Need Help creating date check on file

I've been managing linux servers for many years and consider myself a well educated admin. However, my scripting abilities are VERY limited as I'm not a programmer and do not wish to be... but I need some help...

What I have are 3 remote PCs' and a server at an office. The server is accessible over VPN via FTP. The Remote PCs' are running Windows and use a backup utility that syncs a folder on their workstation with a folder on the FTP site. Also, before it syncs, the workstations create a report of what is going to sync and places that in the folder to be synced. Therefore, the server folder contains an updated HTML file very time the remote PC syncs, even if nothing on the remote pc is new.

Here's where I need help. Because the remote users are on dial-up and have different ISPs (like AOL - yuck!), I can't automate their update process. However, what I can do is monitor that "report.html" that they upload to the server every time they sync.

So, what I'd like is a Cron job that checks each of their specific folders on a nightly basis and looks at the date of the report.html file. If the file is older than 3 days, I want the server to e-mail the user's e-mail address as well as the root account with some kind of message that says "your files are out of date - please re-sync immediately" or something like that. I have no skill with perl.

Please help!

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