hub or switch

i want 2 set up a browsing center with 10 systems.
and ISDN line capacity of 512kbps

for making network
which cable should i use and whether i have to install HUB or SWITHCH for
more effective access or any similar device suitable for this sutiation.
and which type of NIC should use.

configuration of system presented is p42.0,256mb,40Gb..

i want to use the maximum capacity of the line so, plzz
specify any suggestions. and steps involved in configuration of hardware and software.

its urgent.. plzzzz



  • Hi:

    You need to set up a router to enable multiple-workstation access to your ISDN, and a switch to network the workstations.

    There aren't many hubs being sold today, since switches are superior and have low cost.

    You have a choice of 10/100mb network cards, or faster ones. If all you're doing is internet access, you can do with 100mb cards.

    Hope this helps.


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