Quality Of Service

I have recently installed windows 2003 server, and have set up a vpn for exchange access for my father. The problem is that I use my connection 24hrs for uploading/downloading files with emule (pretty much using up my entire connection), however I want this to impact the quality of service that my dad gets when he connects to the vpn as little as possible. Is it possible to do either:-

a) Have some sort of program run when somebody connects (and discconects) from a vpn connection. This would allow me to script the emule web server to limit emules bandwidth down to a minimal level on connect and then limit it back up again after a disconnect by my father.

b) Set up quality of service so that the vpn gets 50%+ of the available bandwidth when it's connected (basically prioritizing connections on the vpn ports) or by giving bandwidth prioritisation for my dad's user account.

The internet connection goes through a cheap adsl router (SMC7401BRA) and connects directly to the server. The local network is connected through a seperate NIC on the server. The VPN needs to give access to Exchange Server and any network shares on the server itself.

Thanks for any help on this matter.

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