Modelling simple cars And connecting it to VB 6.0 Shape Control

Hi Fellow Coprpgrammers

I have developed a simple Traffic simulation Game meant for kids in VB.
Now it works very smooth and all things r good but it lacks 3d appearance. I know that a full 3d game would take months if not years for a single person to create on its own. So i want to add little bit 3D effects in the rather 2d game.

As U can Guess I use shape control of Vb to form a rectangular car similar shape. It works good but It doesnt have a 3d look. Well kids will b very delighted to c smalls cars running around.

So the question is to how to create simple car models (Plz specify language,code help etc as I am not having a single clue about modelling).

And then how to attch that models to the shape controls i am moving here and there in form of cars.

And how long it takes to create a single model ( 1 model will do good 4 the game)
and how long 2 stringed it up with vb code.

Er. [blue]Gurpreet Singh [/blue](B.E [blue]Mech.)[/blue][/b]

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