I'm a moderator (About me)

Hi I have just became a moderator for this message board.

I am currently 17 years old living in the United States at Carmel, NY.

I know c,c++,java,xml,html.

For programming in Java:
I have been doing that for about 3 years. I still havent programmed to the full extent with java. I have notes on it and might be a bit rusty at it but since I know about java programming and the functionallity of it I could use it in future.

For programming in C,C++:
I have just started proggramming in c,c++ 2003 in november. I have learned this after learning about java. I should of learned c,c++ first since java derived from c,c++. I went to c,c++ because it gave me more control over programs and the OS. In the middle of my learning process of c,c++ I started looking into game developing. I made a programming friend and decided to start on a dos game with networking capabilitys file logging etc. Well we are bacicly begginners at this so we are learning as we go along on this project.

For learnign xml:
I started taking notes on this language from a book from Oriely Java and XML. I didnt get to far with this. I learned what it could do and the functionallity of the markup language but since we didnt have a use yet for implementing this in our game I decided to put it on the side for now.

Since school is in the way of programming I dont have much time to dedicate to this project for the game.



Reach me at:

AIM IM: kc2keo
EMAIL: kc2keo@yahoo.com
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