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what is .NET ? why it is so named ?


  • : what is .NET?
    The .NET platform consists of a virtual machine, also known as the .NET runtime or CLR (Common Language Runtime). If you're familiar with JAVA, it's the same kinda concept. .NET compliant programming languages compile down to CIL (Common Intermediate Language), and the files produced have associated metadata so it's possible to write a class in, say, C++.NET, inherit it in C#.NET and use the subclass in VB.NET. .NET also has an FCL (Foundation Class Library) which is a set of classes included with .NET that provide all kinds of functionality, like GUI programming, various data structures and more. For a more comprehensive explanation see lesson 1 of the C#.NET School:-

    : why it is so named ?
    Name wise, .NET is just a Microsoft branding, and they have things with .NET in the name that aren't anything to do with the .NET framework etc that I described above. I guess they think the interNET is the way forward, but who knows how the Microsoft marketting machine works. I just know *that* it works.


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