Java Script Debugger Problem

system: Ms PWS 4.0,W98, (Netscape's) Java Script Debugger v1.1, Netscape 4.x, 256K,850 MHZ

I downloaded the debugger and created a small Java Script 20 line ASP program with mixed HTML in it to test my Personal Server with the debugger. The script resides on the server in the www root directory and the directory is Script,Execute,Read enabled.

My Netscape browser reads the page correctly and displays the
text correctly, which is a for loop seven times incremented and displays
text 7 times. I then Open the same file in the debugger as instructed. The debugger reads the script, displays it in the script window, but I can't activate any of the buttons to breakpoint,over,run,etc they're all deactivated. The only button I can toggle is the Interrupt button. But this button has no affect whatsoever. I can set a red button breakpoint next to a line but that has no affect either.

What it should do is run the script to the breakpoint selected then pause. The control buttons I just stated should then be all enabled.

When I open a web based script, the debugger works just fine and all controls are active, and the sourse code is listed.

There is no mention at all at Netscape regarding compatibility with Personal Web Server and the troublshooting issues presented are not listed.

I'm almost ready to chuck JS for VBS but I would like to have the 2 browser support. If I can't get this running I'll opt for VBScript and it's debugger and leave my Netscape clients on their own, even though I'll need to upgrade my OP to 2000 to get it to run. I could go the old route using "roll your own" code insert/then display type of debugging, but it's not worth the hassle in this 4GL age. Looks like a helpful tool if I can get it going.

Thanks for the help


  • You mean Venkman? I've never been able to understand it personally, but I haven't looked at a tutorial.

    However, stick with JS. Growing numbers of people are moving away from Windoze and IE (myself included- I use Firebird, and I'll be on Linux ASAP), and not supporting them is very annoying. Try debugging your code yourself - put alerts/write into textboxes to check variables, put comments saying what each part should do and then check that it does, etc. You learn much more that way than just by firing up a debugger.
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