Help with a windows network

I just started a new job with a company and their network is in dire need of a rebuild. I have some networking experience(setting up home networks for myself and friends/family) yet I cant seem to figure this one out. All computers are tied into a switch with some split behind routers. I was wondering what would be the most efficient method to get all the end users to be able to see each other in a single workgroup or just seeing all the workgroups. I tried placing everyone in the same workgroup but I just ended up with 2 workgroups of the same name. I'm pretty sure my problem lies in the routers, but I cant be sure because of my inexperience. I tried to find help files on and came across nothing that answered my question. So now I turn to the code monkeys to share their genius. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Matthew Jones


  • hi mate if u still need help with this tell me i maybe able to help
    AGE 15 "only judge me for my age when i am wrong" writem by ME :)
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