Motorola 68HC11A1FN - Disassembly of hex program

Hi, Can anyone help. Iam a newbie to this and any help is appreciated.

Have got a couple of Motorola 68HC11A1FN cpu with

programs on eeprom. Each chip has a different program and is used within a hand programming unit which counts down by one each time the unit is connected.

I want to read out each program from eeprom,

i would need to dis-assemble the programs to see what the diffences are. ie, one unit has a higher count to start with, perphaps compare the same program after it has lost some lives etc.

What i need to know is how to dis-asseble the program back to something i can work on

Also any info or where to find as regards motorola "s" coding

any and all help greatly appreciated


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