Help...Delphi newbie question

Just started programming in Delphi and have been assigned the task of modifying another person's program but am stuck on something. We are using an Advantage database and all I am trying to do is to filter on what I think is a "datetime" datatype field. I am trying to filter out any records that do not show a date in a column called "Pick_date". The records I want excluded appear not to have any data in that field but I can't get the syntax right to filter them out. I've tried (Pick_date = ''),(dateTime to Str(Pick_date = '')),((DateTimetoString(Pick_date)) = 'null', ),
(DateTimetoString(Pick_date)) = ''.

None of the above works. Is there some "hidden" date in the Advantage database table field that I can't see.



  • What Component are you using to communicate with the database. Are u writing an SQL statement? Need more information. But if u are writing an sql statement, use TSQLQuery and then pass the date as a parameter and it should work fine. Though I dont know anything about Advantage DB, but this I know will work for both SQL and Oracle and access DB's.
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