VCG, Can You Help Me with the Sub Procedure?

Dear VCG,
How do I create the Sub Procedure.Can You Help me with the code?

You had Mentioned this in Your reply to the "LISTVIEW IN VB.NET"

(Actually, there is nothing you should do. if you are using Data Binding to controls, then All the control within that form will be bound altogether. ----- as one pointer change, it is reflected to the other bound controls as well. I don't think there's need for inheritance here. All that is required is, you bind your controls to the same dataset and you're done.

And if, you are not working on database, for example you're working on Variables or Constants, a simpler way is put all the Collection in a Module as an array, and if you need to refer to those collection, rather than putting it in all of your controls item collection, create a Sub procedure to load all those data into your Control. If you need help with this, tell me, i will give you example. this will be all for now. Ciao! )

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