Delphi, HTML and Flash Knowledge required

How can I get and store the data below from a flash movie to a string variable with Delphi?

1-Movie's Width and height
2-Movie's class id
3-And the text used in the movie (if you have used flash you should get what I mean)

Is it possible or a vain dream?


  • Well I've never tried mixing Delphi & Flash, but I do know Flash is designed to work with Javascript directly.

    Basically the easy way to do this is to have the Flash movie send the height, width & text to a Javascript function on the HTML page itself by using fscommand.

    The Javascript command should act like a form's "submit" function to send the data where you want it to go if you're not going to use it that moment. If you are going to use it at that moment, just process the data via the Javascript function.

    If you know ActionScript, then Javascript will be a snap.
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