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I'm creating a GBA game called Treasure, which I have made a Windows version of a few years ago. There is just one problem. I was reading the documentation for the compiler that I have and only the first page would open (it was hosted by Yahoo). So now all I can do is draw pictures on the screen, and that doesn't even work correctly. (I'm using C++)

I made an unsigned short pointer to the screen output, and the address was 0x60000000. I can change individual pixels now. So far i just made a GBA ROM that just makes the screen change colors. But for some reason it draws REALLY slowly. I get like 1 frame/second. I set the screen mode to 0x403 (the documentation told me to do this but didn't explain what it means). I coded it I just put this for each pixel:

Screen[x+(y*240)] = iColor;

There are just two more things I need to know: input and sound.
Are there specific addresses for these just like the screen output? If so how do I use them?

Thx in advance.


  • [italic]Using C++ on GBA is not a good idea for fast games[/italic]
    same as PC,ARM assembly routines are much faster then c/c++,and you should use Tiles/Sprites to make your game..unless you're doing 3d vector graphics.
    mode 0x403 is supposed to be 240x160x16bit BG2 enable, check out [b]GBA.h[/b]
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