reverse enginering a midi sampler (cauz of fake SDS-format)

Hey! Did you understand the above topic?!
Dude that is not healthy u know....ok, but
now you are here I'll explain my subject :

I'm experimenting with midi sysex, and I wonder
if somebody has experience with discovering protocols
& SDS (MIDI Sample Dump Standard, implemented by
many samplers). It allows u to upload and download
samples to your hardware (very slow actually, u have
to drink a lots of coffee when doin dumps :)

OK!! But now....I want to write a program to upload
samples to my yamaha DJX PSR-something (because there
isn't such a program).
but.....when I look at the sampledump data the DJX
sends, I can conclude it's not a regular SDS-format.
Because, when I load it as an SDS sample I hear noise!
When I load it as a raw 12-bit signed waveform, I hear
the samples ok along with ticks (ACKS?).

I discovered when looking at the dumpfile, it has an
alternative header, has somebody experience with this?


Why all the fuss u think...we'll I dropped my djx, and
now the input of my sampler broke down. :(
I thought maybe if one of you has midi programming xperience
could help me with this cool experiment =)

funky greetz


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