Project Failure

I have small issue with some friends of mine and wanted to get an opinion from some programmers and project managers.

Some close friends of mine had hired a company to develop and e-card site for them. The project was almost complete and had a functioning e-card sending and receive system which works to this day with the e-cards as they were designed for my friends.

However, my friends had some problems with the first developer. At that time they met another developer that came along and told them the first developer was developing their site the wrong way and influenced them to fire the first developer and hire him. Then the new developer took over the project and wrote a new system for them.

The problem is that in the new site developed by the second developer does not work with the e-cards. The second developer blames this on the first developer and my friends believe him. Both of the developers wrote the e-cards system in the same language JSP. I am of the opinion that the second developer did not do his homework or plan the project correctly. If he had he would have developed the site from the start so that it would have worked with the already completed e-cards my friends had designed. Now they are having all their e-cards redesigned to work in the system of the second developer. When I can see the same cards working in the system the first developer wrote.

Am I correct in assuming that 2nd developer was in error and made some sort of mistake or failed to plan and evaluate his project correctly? Any feed back would be appreciated.



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