sms client/server

Anyone written a client server app like this, i'm stuck;
The assignment involves building a Client/Server messaging application in Java that can send text messages. The phones are to be pay-as-you-go where each phone has a certain credit. There are several components to this assignment:

The Client
The phone should have a suitable GUI design.
The phone interface should be similar to a regular mobile phone interface with similar features.
The client should be able to send a message to a recipient.
The client should be able to send a single message to multiple recipients (group text?).

The Server
Should handle all the messages and organise the correct destination for those messages.
The server should have a GUI that displays current status, message traffic etc.
The server should be allowed to monitor a phones credit, preventing a client from sending messages when their credit is out.
The server GUI should allow for safe shutdown.
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