Cross DB Referencing

I am trying to set up a system where I have 1 DB with some info (ie. an employee table), and another with different information for reasons too long to explain here, lol..just trust me, if I can get this working, it's best.

Anyways, the second DB will have some foreign key fields that link to tables in the first DB(ie. employeeid). Can someone give me a solution to creating references, be it using a Trigger, Contraint or whatever. I need to maintain data integrity(ie. if an employee is deleted from the first DB's employee table, I need to cascade that into any table with an employeeid field in the second db)

lastly, I'd really much prefer that the first DB know nothing about the second DB..if at all possible...although, if I'm asking too much with that last request, it's not essential, just preferrable

I tried hard to make that easy to understand..hope it was!

Thanks in advance
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