Select Data using treeview selections as criteria

I have created three treeview controls with checkboxes. The first TV control has selections for geographical areas. The 2nd and 3rd TV controls define sample point features contained within the area. There can be multiple selections in either of the 2nd and 3rd controls which would apply to all of the selections in the first tv conrol. I have added the selections from each control to a separate array (areaarray, typearray, stratarray). Now I need to use the array values as selection criteria for selecting data from multiple database tables (SQL or Access). The result will be passed to a dll in the form of individual variables and arrays.
Is there a way to select all data at once using the arrays as criteria?
My preference would be to loop though the area array, selecting all point data within each area using the typearray and stratarray as criteria. Will this require nested loops? Or maybe classes containing collections?
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