Display Problem - please HELP!

Hey All,
I am having some problem with my display.

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Asus A7N266-VM Motherboard
(With built-in Video Card - 32 MB NVIDIA GeForce2 Integrated GPU)
256 MB DDR 266 Mhz RAM (224 MB RAM after deducting Video Card RAM which is shared)
40 GB Samsung HDD @ 5400 RPM
48X CD-RW Samsung
17" LG 700S Monitor

MY OS: Windows XP Professional

The problem arises when I play GTA-Vice City, after playing for some 15-20 mins the
screen goes blank and the computer hangs and I have to restart.

Also, I am using a CD Writer to Play the game, which requires a CD.

Does anyone have similar problem or knows a solution??? Help me out please!



  • Computer's display consists of two pieces of hardware: a video card (also known as a graphics card or video adapter) and the video monitor where you see all the texts and graphics your programs display.

    Windows uses drivers to work with these hardware devices.
    The majority of display problems are related with video card drivers, such as missing, incorrect, corrupted drivers.
    Hardware failure, incorrect installation and external factors also caused video problems.

    If you have just installed Windows or have changed your video card and are experiencing problems, the most likely cause is a missing or incorrect video driver.

    Most video cards will come with a disk that contains drivers and other software. So before you install it, check the information that came with the video card to be sure it supports your current Windows version. If not, go to the manufacture's website and download the most current driver for your Windows.

    Personally, it is complicated and troublesome to download each driver and check compatability for your device. So a free drivers update and managing program which will evalute the compatibilty intelligently and update/install the most suitable drivers automatically is suggested here. It is totally free and safe, has an intuitive interface and very easy to use. If needed, you can download it from official site: www.drivethelife.com

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