Dual booting XP and Linux with two HDDs - problems

I am trying to dual boot on my machine two HDDs that have XP Home on the Primary Master and Linux on the Primary Slave. Both installed fine, both run fine when connected seperately (I have to disconnect one from the data cable to run, boot disks won't work when both are connected). I have LILO installed on the Linux, which works fine as stated above. I have read else where that configuring the 'boot.ini' file can cure the problem, but I cannot find it on the drive (XP). I know it is supposed to be on the first partition of the drive and a search for all configuration files (*.ini) came up nada. The BIOS is not even detecting the two when connected together either, but it will detect when connected seperatly. All the BIOS detects is the Slave, but not the Master (either XP or Linux, doesn't matter). BIOS does detect the Master when connected to one drive (when I connect it to the Master). When I boot with both connected, all I get is the generic "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT A BOOT DISK AND PRESS ENTER". I do just that and same message pops up. I even switched the drive positions and still nada.

Any feedback, info, tips, links would be greatly acknowledged?

All I want to do is to be able to bott up and get promted what OS I want to use for the day.


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