Software Engineer - Freelancer

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Here is what I offer,
developement for any of the following


C++: ATL & DCOM, OpenGL, DirectX, Win32, GDI, GDI+, MFC
Misc: Java, Visual Basic, VBA, XML, XSL, ASP, JSP, HTML, Cold Fusion
DB: DBA, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, DB2, Database Design
OS: Win2K3, WinXP, Win2K, NT 4.0, Win9x, UNIX, Linux and Novell
Other: GIS, GPS, GSM, Radio Modems, and RS32


Graphics: Application GUI, Web Design, 3D Modeling, Advertising,
Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash
IT Related: Project Management, UML, Source Control, Software Testing,
File Backups, Great Planes

my email is

hope to hear from you

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