Sega System 32 and Sega System Multi 32 'C' programming...

I have dug out the information for those brave soul that wish to try to
emulate or attempted to program the NEC V60 and V70 microprocessors.

I can post this information if anyone is interested or provide a link
for download of these resources.


  • Woah!

    I'm definatly interested!

    Do you have a list of binary and ASCII mnemonics? What about some information on the system 32 itself?

    Thanks alot for this information!

    - Lewis

  • So.... Do you have this stuff?

  • : So.... Do you have this stuff?

    I still have the hardware information for the System 32 Arcade but that
    is not too much information on it's own. I will post that as soon as I
    can. I am currently getting all my Sega Saturn information into one RAR
    file so that people can download it, most of it is documentation of
    various sorts and a couple of official tools from Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
    of Japan. Most of the documents are in Adobe Acrobat .PDF file format.
    It's an eye opener as far as how many Megabytes it is.

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