how to recover the mbr if it was overwritten in winxp(ntfs) ?


  • Don't know if this will help in your case, but here goes.
    A friend of mine had the same problem and asked for my help. I attempted to use FDISK to create a boot floppy from another XP machine and use it to recover my friend's machine. This didn't do the trick, but what I found was this: if you resort to the user manual, there is a key sequence (possible F3) that you can invoke upon boot-up to place the machine in a system recovery mode. From here you may be able to regain your boot record without actually re-installing windows.

  • If you are only concerned with the bootloader which was prior to installing XP and if you didn't had any special bootloader installed then you can simply replace the new bootloader(of XP) by the standard and default bootloader by issuing this command from dos/98/me

    fdisk /mbr ;if you have only one disk
    of if you have multiple disks then
    fdisk /cmbr n; replace the n by the hard disk no. starting at zero

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