1. Describe different ways to create session.
2. Define different ways to include different ways to include one JSP file to another JSP file
3. What we call an interface without any method?
4. How do we refresh header elements in jsp?
5. How can we set set different session timeout for different loginIds?
6. Why it is necessary to register driver during making connection?
7. What is the difference between bean classes and java classes
8. Do we call functions using Callable Statements?
9. Can we explicitly call garbage collector?if yes then how?
10. How can we declare a variable with application scope in JSP and Servlets?
11. Do variables are initialized here “<%! %>”? Code within it resides at which place in servlet i.e. init() or service() or distroy() method?
12. URL like “www.someurl…… “goes in server.xml or web.xml?
13. How do we declare global variables in JSP?
14. Is java is good for distributed application?Explain
15. What is the purpose of AWT?
16. What is the maximum number of connection in connection pooling?
17. Number of server.xml file in tomcat?
18. Comparison of MVC model and J2EE model?
19. How can we make declaration in tag “<%! %>” thread safe?
20. Where do we write synchronize method in our code?
21. Is it possible to write this declarion <%! %> part in synchronize method?
22. Which one among these is a valid identifier? !name, #name, +name, *name
23. Which one is not the keyword in java ?integer,long, abstract,null?
24. Which function is called?
Met1(int a,long b){}
Met1(long a , int b){}

calling it->
` met1 ob=new met1();

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