SqlCeReplication Problem

I'm So frustrated!

I want to sync to a publication using SQL Server CE 2.0.

I've set up the publication to Northwind on my own computer, installed the agent there, set up the Virtual Directory with NTFS permissions etc. But when I try to execute the synch command I get an inner exception of: Referenced object has a value of 'Nothing'

Here's my code: [code]

oRepl = New SqlCeReplication
oRepl.Publisher = "JKENNEDY"
oRepl.PublisherDatabase = "Northwind"
oRepl.Publication = "CMMMerge"
oRepl.SubscriberConnectionString = "Data Source=My DocumentsNorthwind.sdf;"
oRepl.Subscriber = "CEDevice"
oRepl.InternetUrl = "http://localhost/SQLCE/sscesa20.dll"
oRepl.InternetLogin = "jkennedy"
oRepl.InternetPassword = "jkennedy"
oRepl.ExchangeType = ExchangeType.BiDirectional

If Not File.Exists("My DocumentsNorthwind.sdf") Then
End If

Catch ex As Exception
Throw ex
End Try


It steps through the code just fine until the oRepl.Synchronize(). That's when I get the error.

Thanks for any help,


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