let me provide grafix for your game

im interested in designing graphics and ideas for games of strategy, like starcraft and c&c. If you are a part of game programming group and in need of graphics give me the job. I've spent my whole life in art and would love to see it in a game.


  • NT=No Text in Message

  • I am the lead programmer of a german team.

    Were working currently on a real time

    strategy game. Were seeking a second artist

    that works on the map grafix and fx.

    Experiences in 3DSMax and Photoshop are

    recommendet. (If you can provide good textures

    for 3D grafix that would be great)

    !!!! We are not a professionel team, we are

    talking with some people in business but at

    the moment we work just for fun!!!!

    Send a mail with some explenation and some work

    from you to schenk2000@gmx.de


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