segmentation fault problems -_- (Linux, AT&T syntax)

here is the source:
.string "Hello, World!

.align 4
.globl main
pushl %ebp
movl %esp, %ebp
movl $10, %ebx
cmpl $0, %ebx
jne NE
jmp GO
;subl $4, %esp
pushl $.lor
call printf
popl %eax
decl %ebx
jmp LOOP
movl $0, %eax
I continually get a segmentation fault but I can't understand why, and I'm fairly new to ASM, I'm just playing off of reverse engineering here.


  • Is there a reason you have to stick to AT&T assemblers?
    I mean, if your just starting in assembly, there are great assemblers
    available on the internet for free. TASM MASM NASM to mention a few.
    Assemblers with the AT&T basicly aren't in the main stream.
    Getting source code, help, upgrades, asm buddies, etc may prove hard to come by in the AT&T world................
    Of course with a search you might find an AT&T head quarters some where.........
    But if your message goes unanswered here, it may be because it's just not used in this neck of the woods. (From my observances over the last 6 months or so.)

    I wish I had good news or real help for you.
    But since no one answered your post, I figgured I would.
    Asmguru62 who hangs out here, is a good source for Tasm help 'n info.
    I have a beginners Nasm environment .zip availble.
    Masm is popular around here amongst the locals.


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