Calling "call-ny-reference c++ function" in C#


I have a call-by-refrence function in a managed c++ dll.

How do i call that function in C#?

I've tried this:

[managed c++ dll]
void myClass::myFunction(int &state, int &status)
status = 3;

int a,b
m_AUConnector.getStateInfo(ref a, ref b); //have tried without ref too.

but get the following error:
"can not convert from 'ref int' to 'int*'

How can i return the two params. from managed c++ to C#?


  • Hi

    The problem is in the Perameter signiture in the c++ prototype expects pointers.

    A pointer in C# is indecated with an *. int* is a pointer to an integer.

    The prototypes will have to be the same in both languages.
    Is the C++ function call returning 2 parameters? if not then you will have to overload this function in C++(My knowladge of C++ is ZERO so pardon me.)

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