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I am an experienced Perl programmer new to freelancing. I would love to help anyone in simple to moderate level scripting. Some areas of perl and related fields that im skilled in (but not limited to) are:

**Note: These are only highlights that I can recall at the moment. I can do more in perl than listed below, and generally help with many other things. Also, I am mostly a backend programmer. I could create a script to do almost any task you might want, but the visual aspect displayed to the end user would not be much more than a simple, to the point display. I'm not very skilled in the graphical/visual aspect of internet programming. I offer most of my services for FREE, but on projects that I deem as very large or time consuming, I may request payment. My fees would be no where near as high as a proffessional charges. I would want at most possibly 25$ for a long and tedious project. All I ask is that upon the completion of a project, however small, an email be sent to me where you provide your name and a description of the help I provided. I would use this for my portfolio.

----Perl Qualifications:----
Pattern/Text matching: Applies to validating form entries, searching for naughty words or phrases to edit/remove, text-file based data storage, low level simple encryption techniques, etc.

MySQL Database usage/administration (implementing DBD and DBI): Great for online games, forums, news groups, keeping user/member information, and storing any other kind of data you could need.

Mail::Sendmail (and some other) mail clients: I'm able to meet your email sending needs for probably any occasion.

Creation of a member/non member area: I would be able to set up a user creation, login, removal, suspension, etc. system for a website using perl and a mysql database (or text file). Creation of an admin area would be no problem.

*Some* experience in Perl GUI: through the use of Win32::GUI I am learning how to make applications using perl. I have a perl compiler that could compile a collection of scripts into one executable.

Use of MD5 Encryption: I would be able to use encryption on any or all of the data passed to/from a database or script.

Setup of a forum: I could create a simple custom forum, or would be willing to install a premade forum the user provides.

Installation/Configuration of 3rd party scripts: Found a great, free script that fits your needs perfectly, but doesnt seem to work right? I would gladly help you configure a 3rd party perl or php (only) script to work with your website or personal server.

---Misc. / Related Fields---

Personal Web Server on *Windows*: I would gladly help someone set up or configure either Apache or IIS on a windows environment.

Mail Server on *Windows*: I would also help set up a mail server on a system, so that users running their own server could send their own email.

Installation of MySQL, Perl, PHP: I would be able to help anyone set up these services on their computer so that they would be able to use these services on a personal web server, eliminating the need to upload a file after every change.

Installation of hardware: I would be able to walk someone through installing a new piece of hardware. I would assist in helping install a new RAM stick, CPU, hard-drive, any form of optical drive, floppy drive, printer, scanner, camera, monitor, video card, etc. It's all the same.

Windows 98, XP, XP Pro Troubleshooting: I wouldn't mind helping you if you have some annoying problem on your system thats been getting on your nerves.

Locating useful software: I would anyone obtain software that they are in need of (NOT pirated/stolen material, user subject to terms and conditions of the owner of software provided). Sorry, I don't know much in terms of legal stance, and I wanted to make it clear I'm not doing anything wrong.


  • I would be interested in discussing possibilities for work with you. We run an organization online looking for someone with good perl programming and general technical and server admin skills. Great working conditions and financial rewards for the right person.

    Please contact me at if you are at all interested.



    : I am an experienced Perl programmer new to freelancing. I would love to help anyone in simple to moderate level scripting. Some areas of perl and related fields that im skilled in (but not limited to) are:
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