Direct disk access

I need to read sectors from a hard drive. This hard drive has several hidden and non-DOS partitions, so there is no physical/logical DOS drive for them. INT 13 won't do, because the HD is to big for CHS addressing. How can I read any (LBA) sector when all I have is the number of the physical drive (not a DOS letter or something but the actual real HD) and the LBA sector address.


  • INT 13h should allow you to access sectors using LBA unless your computer is old. In that case, you'd have to use direct HD port interfacing which isn't too hard. For that just get an ATAPI/IDE doc, I think 7 is the latest.

    Here's some links:
  • Clumsy me just realized that there are Int13h extensions for LBA. Thanks for letting me know anyways. :)

    This may not the right forum, but since this questions is already here, does anybody know if I can use Int13 through Windows 98 (e.g. vwin32) AND has a working example for it? I have tried many times and I never got it to work.
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