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Hi there,
I am quite proficient in C++ programming and I wish to move on to programming with C# on the .NET platform. I wish to achieve Communication via the various ports (such as USB port). I wish to know how efficient is C# in providing Support for communication...
Also Could someone guide me on how to go about it (How much indepth knowledge is needed about the USB port etc..).


  • For a beginner communicating VIA the USB port is not the easiest way. This is because software is needed on both ends of the cable. This can make programming harder. Communicating VIA the serial cable is much easier - I've done it myself. The hardware that I was using had a protocol developed by the manufacturer for me; all I had to do was reference the appropriate drivers in my project. If you build your own hardware you will have to program a protocol (easier said than done) and then link it to your project.

    Hope this helps.

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