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What is .net Framework ?
what is CTS ?
What is CLS ?
What is CLR ?

What is Difference between Vb and ?


  • : What is .net Framework ?

    The .NET Framework is an abstraction layer (like the Java runtime) which frees a program's reliance on a particular operating system. This means that if you create a .NET application, it is not a Windows program and it will not run under Windows. It will only run inside the .NET Framework.

    This means your .NET application can theoretically, be executed on any O/S. I say theoretically because at the moment, the .NET Framework is only available for Windows, but others are in development.

    : what is CTS ?

    CTS is (.NET) Common Type Subsystem
    This checks the code and types, i.e. types created in one language can be safely used and referred to in another language.

    : What is CLS ?

    CLS is (.NET) Common Language Specification
    This is the specification a programming language must meet to allow it to be used under .NET. All languages must compile into MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) code.

    : What is CLR ?

    CLR is (.NET) Common Language Runtime
    This provides an environment that controls the .NET code, such as memory management, thread execution, garbage collection etc. It executes MSIL code.

    : What is Difference between Vb and ?

    VB is Visual Basic for Windows.
    Programs built using VB compile into Intel x86 code which will execute directly under Windows.

    VB.NET is Visual Basic for .NET.
    Programs built using VB.NET compile into MSIL which can then be executed by the CLR.

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