Dynamic Memory Allocation

I need help..(first, my english is not good, if you don understand pls guest it. Its like a puzzle of the day. You a programmer ;)

The question:
How do we allocate dynamic memory in asm?
What I know is we can't (No easy way). So maybe we has to use window dll. What is the dll function for alocate dynamic memory? If it's has a lot, may be consider the easiest one. I need something like this..

MOV EAX,1234 ;1234 is size of memory to allocate
CALL DLLFunction ;Now EAX contain pointer to the new dynamic address.

Thank a lot for help..
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  • to alloc some memory under win32 you could use the win32-api.thats exactly the same what c/c++ does when calling 'new' or something like that.a look to the api-help shows the following code-snipet to allocate memory:

    HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), 0, dwBytes);

    you could read the win32-sdk to see,what each of the both api-calls do.to reach some parameters to a win-api-function,just push them to the stack and call the api.it will pops the parameters itself and returning the result in eax:

    call GetProcessHeap ;returns handle to the currents process heap
    push dwBytes ;here you must put in your bytes to allocate
    push 0 ;look to the sdk for the flags
    push eax ;handle to process-heap
    call HeapAlloc ; now eax holds a pointer to your memory

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