I'm looking for assembler source code for the CRC-16 CCITT algorithm (poly 1021h). If you have code either for a 8051 derivate or for some Motorola MCU it would be great, but any assembler will be fine.



  • : I'm looking for assembler source code for the CRC-16 CCITT algorithm (poly 1021h). If you have code either for a 8051 derivate or for some Motorola MCU it would be great, but any assembler will be fine.
    : Thanks

    No problem. Here's a fast lookup table version for 8051. This for the least-sig-bit-first variety of X^16+X^12+X^5+1, which is normal CCITT, and you append the result to the message in LSB-MSB order. I have it in several other assembler versions as well.

    ; Enter with R7:R6 initial CRC, DPTR pointer to data, R2 byte count
    MOV A,@DPTR ; get next data byte
    PUSH DPL ; save source data pointer
    XRL A,R6 ; XOR data with low CRC
    MOV R6,A ; save for later
    MOV DPTR,#crc_tab_lo ; point to low byte table
    MOVC A,@A+DPTR ; get low byte
    XRL A,R7 ; XOR with high CRC
    XCHG A,R6 ; becomes new low CRC
    INC DPH ; point to high byte table
    MOVC A,@A+DPTR ; get high byte
    MOV R7,A ; becomes new high CRC
    POP DPH ; recover source pointer
    DJNZ R2,calc_crc

    db 000h,089h,012h,09Bh,024h,0ADh,036h,0BFh
    db 048h,0C1h,05Ah,0D3h,06Ch,0E5h,07Eh,0F7h
    db 081h,008h,093h,01Ah,0A5h,02Ch,0B7h,03EH
    db 0C9h,040h,0DBh,052h,0EDh,064h,0FFh,076h
    db 002h,08Bh,010h,099h,026h,0AFh,034h,0BDh
    db 04Ah,0C3h,058h,0D1h,06Eh,0E7h,07Ch,0F5h
    db 083h,00Ah,091h,018h,0A7h,02Eh,0B5h,03Ch
    db 0CBh,042h,0D9h,050h,0EFh,066h,0FDh,074h
    db 004h,08Dh,016h,09Fh,020h,0A9h,032h,0BBh
    db 04Ch,0C5h,05Eh,0D7h,068h,0E1h,07Ah,0F3h
    db 085h,00Ch,097h,01Eh,0A1h,028h,0B3h,03Ah
    db 0CDh,044h,0DFh,056h,0E9h,060h,0FBh,072h
    db 006h,08Fh,014h,09Dh,022h,0ABh,030h,0B9h
    db 04Eh,0C7h,05Ch,0D5h,06Ah,0E3h,078h,0F1h
    db 087h,00Eh,095h,01Ch,0A3h,02Ah,0B1h,038h
    db 0CFh,046h,0DDh,054h,0EBh,062h,0F9h,070h
    db 008h,081h,01Ah,093h,02Ch,0A5h,03Eh,0B7h
    db 040h,0C9h,052h,0DBh,064h,0EDh,076h,0FFh
    db 089h,000h,09Bh,012h,0ADh,024h,0BFh,036h
    db 0C1h,048h,0D3h,05Ah,0E5h,06Ch,0F7h,07Eh
    db 00Ah,083h,018h,091h,02Eh,0A7h,03Ch,0B5h
    db 042h,0CBh,050h,0D9h,066h,0EFh,074h,0FDh
    db 08Bh,002h,099h,010h,0AFh,026h,0BDh,034h
    db 0C3h,04Ah,0D1h,058h,0E7h,06Eh,0F5h,07Ch
    db 00Ch,085h,01Eh,097h,028h,0A1h,03Ah,0B3h
    db 044h,0CDh,056h,0DFh,060h,0E9h,072h,0FBh
    db 08Dh,004h,09Fh,016h,0A9h,020h,0BBh,032h
    db 0C5h,04Ch,0D7h,05Eh,0E1h,068h,0F3h,07Ah
    db 00Eh,087h,01Ch,095h,02Ah,0A3h,038h,0B1h
    db 046h,0CFh,054h,0DDh,062h,0EBh,070h,0F9h
    db 08Fh,006h,09Dh,014h,0ABh,022h,0B9h,030h
    db 0C7h,04Eh,0D5h,05Ch,0E3h,06Ah,0F1h,078h
    ; follow right on here, exactly 256 bytes after crc_tab_low
    db 000h,011h,023h,032h,046h,057h,065h,074h
    db 08Ch,09Dh,0AFh,0BEh,0CAh,0DBh,0E9h,0F8h
    db 010h,001h,033h,022h,056h,047h,075h,064h
    db 09Ch,08Dh,0BFh,0AEh,0DAh,0CBh,0F9h,0E8h
    db 021h,030h,002h,013h,067h,076h,044h,055h
    db 0ADh,0BCh,08Eh,09Fh,0EBh,0FAh,0C8h,0D9h
    db 031h,020h,012h,003h,077h,066h,054h,045h
    db 0BDh,0ACh,09Eh,08Fh,0FBh,0EAh,0D8h,0C9h
    db 042h,053h,061h,070h,004h,015h,027h,036h
    db 0CEh,0DFh,0EDh,0FCh,088h,099h,0ABh,0BAh
    db 052h,043h,071h,060h,014h,005h,037h,026h
    db 0DEh,0CFh,0FDh,0ECh,098h,089h,0BBh,0AAh
    db 063h,072h,040h,051h,025h,034h,006h,017h
    db 0EFh,0FEh,0CCh,0DDh,0A9h,0B8h,08Ah,09Bh
    db 073h,062h,050h,041h,035h,024h,016h,007h
    db 0FFh,0EEh,0DCh,0CDh,0B9h,0A8h,09Ah,08Bh
    db 084h,095h,0A7h,0B6h,0C2h,0D3h,0E1h,0F0h
    db 008h,019h,02Bh,03Ah,04Eh,05Fh,06Dh,07Ch
    db 094h,085h,0B7h,0A6h,0D2h,0C3h,0F1h,0E0h
    db 018h,009h,03Bh,02Ah,05Eh,04Fh,07Dh,06Ch
    db 0A5h,0B4h,086h,097h,0E3h,0F2h,0C0h,0D1h
    db 029h,038h,00Ah,01Bh,06Fh,07Eh,04Ch,05Dh
    db 0B5h,0A4h,096h,087h,0F3h,0E2h,0D0h,0C1h
    db 039h,028h,01Ah,00Bh,07Fh,06Eh,05Ch,04Dh
    db 0C6h,0D7h,0E5h,0F4h,080h,091h,0A3h,0B2h
    db 04Ah,05Bh,069h,078h,00Ch,01Dh,02Fh,03Eh
    db 0D6h,0C7h,0F5h,0E4h,090h,081h,0B3h,0A2h
    db 05Ah,04Bh,079h,068h,01Ch,00Dh,03Fh,02Eh
    db 0E7h,0F6h,0C4h,0D5h,0A1h,0B0h,082h,093h
    db 06Bh,07Ah,048h,059h,02Dh,03Ch,00Eh,01Fh
    db 0F7h,0E6h,0D4h,0C5h,0B1h,0A0h,092h,083h
    db 07Bh,06Ah,058h,049h,03Dh,02Ch,01Eh,00Fh
    ; end of table

  • I am looking for this same code in asm langage for HC11 or 9s12 ! somebody have it ?

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