Wine Segmentation fault

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Ok i switched over to rh 9 and i installed the newest version of wine from there website i could find and suposidably the instllation worked fine. But i get these segmentation faults and it wont lemme run anything? whut should i do any one els have this problem and if this question has been answered on a nother post plz give me a link to that post.... any help would be appretiated

below is an example of my problem

[Myusrname@ip00-00-00-00 Myusrname]$ wine
Segmentation fault

I changed my ip and usr name to protect my self for obveus resons.

I reinstalled my linux 9 and then reinstalled wine and once again i get the same message!!!

or how do i delete the file ive tryed "make uninstall" but it just says segmention fault again? whuts going on?

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