why is this not printing

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I want to print out the sum after they are added together, but it's not printing. Can someone show me where the mistake is??

section .data

big db "Too Big", 0xA
blen equ $ - big

section .bss

chr resb 2
sum resw 1
num resw 1

section .text

global main


mov ax, 0
mov [sum], ax


mov eax, 3
mov ebx, 0
mov ecx, chr
mov edx, 2
int 0x80

cmp byte [chr], 0x30
jb e1
cmp byte [chr], 0x39
ja e1

mov ax, [sum]
imul ax, 10
mov bx, 0
mov bl, [chr]
sub bl, 0x30
add ax, bx
mov [sum], ax
jmp begin

cmp word [sum], 50
jb e3
mov ecx, sum
mov edx, 1
jmp e2

mov ecx, sum
mov edx, 2

mov eax, 4
mov ebx, 1
int 0x80

mov eax, 1
mov ebx, 0
int 0x80
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