Playstation Programming

I'm doing a Computer Games Tech course at University, and we've just recently began coding on the Net Yarozes.
I LOVE these wee machines, even though theyre outdated theyre an excellent platform for learning games dev., especially as theres no WIN32 API to swear at. The only problem is that theyre not available anymore.

One of my lectures said that rather than pay 300 for one on ebay, it IS possible to Hack a normal PSX to programit, as long as youve got the codewarrior and a copy of the yaroze cd.

I can get both of these from Uni, but i'm not sure how to go about transforming my psx. do i just rip up a serial link cable and jook it to a serial port, or do i need to do more crazy stuff with chips, or am i talking crazy talk?

If i can do this, it saves me forking out on either a 2nd hand yaroze, or a PS2 linux kit...
... unless you can do that one on the fly with a std hard drive... :o)

Any help would be GREAT as i'm getting heavily addicted to console development... a possible carrer choice.

.: IrnChmp :.


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