SaMBa networking problems


After 4 years of m$win, I finally decided to switch to Linux. This transaction proved more successful that I ever imagined. Well, Linux impressed me from the start, and I begin to like it.

Other computers in my home still rely on windows (98) however, with multiple accounts, and my goal was to set up my linux box to act as a server for "microsoft networking" - enable users to get access to some space on the server.

So, I set up accounts on the linux box matching the ones on the windows systems - even passwords. Next, I configured Samba ( I managed to get it running ) to share a "public area" directory, and a printer connected to the system. Following the manuals (RedHat 9 Customization Guide) I enabled encrypted passords (well, that is what I believe I did) as well. When I use "net view" on the windows box, it displays the shared folder, printer and the current user's home directory. I can successfuly map the shared directory, and uset the printer. However, when I try to access the current user's folder, net use tells me that the password is incorrect, and I should retype it. I try that over and over and over, and still tels me it is invalid.

After a week of trying, I am all out of ideas what could cause the authentications to fail.

All comments would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You!



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