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Hello everybody, I have a problem i am using a dll in my program every time i use a function from the dll file a message appears to me can i modify the dll file and erease this message or change it :) what tools do i need ? plz i need solution quickly before monday its the date that i must give this project to the doctor thank you and big fat bye.

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  • does this message apear EVERYTIME you call a function from it or just the first time after your proggie has load?

    ok,its not very polite (and in most cases ilegal,too) to remove copyright-messages from other peoples libraries,who had spent much time and work into it,but thats your decision...

    whenever a dll-file is loaded with the 'LoadLibraryA'-function (or when running an exe-file which imports something from it),Win32 calls a public function from the dll call 'DllEntryPoint'.thats proberly the point,where your 'problem' is located.when the message is displayed in a standart-win32-message-box,you simply have to remove this call and the 4 previous 'push'-commands by overwriting them with opcode 0x90 (NOP).this could be done in a win32-debugger/disassembler.you could view the data at the memory-locations which adresses are pushed in the 2nd and third push-command to see the strings which are displayed.

    you could use the W32DASM-debugger or td32 to do this.hope this helps a little.


  • Thank you very much for your responce I know its very bad to steal someone works.all what i want is to gather information about this idea and if is it work or not .thank you again .
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