Acrobat Distiller OLE/COM Automation

i'm using Acrobat Distiller through OLE/COM Automation as suggested in the Acrobat Distiller API Reference Guide (tech. note #5158, version 5.0). It seems to work well on Windows 2000, but i'm having COM security issues (i think) on Windows XP.

Here is a simple test case:
* Run the DistillerCtrl MFC sample application (provided with the Adobe Acrobat SDK v.5.0) with a user of the Administrators group. It works.

* Run the sample application with another user not part of the Administrators group. It fails. :((

I keep having the 0x80080005 - Server execution failed error.

DCOM configuration is set to defaults for the AcroDistX object:
* Authentification Level = Default
* Launch and Access Permissions = Use Default
* Identity = The launching user

I'm not using CoInitializeSecurity.

The client and the server both run on the same machine running Windows XP (with service pack 1). The test only fails under Windows XP, i have no problem running it on Windows 2000.

What am i missing???

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